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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best reviews of sell yourgold?

It was quick, easy and no hassle and an honest and fair offer. I will be doing more business with them. Very reliable people. I would do it again. Fast turnaround time. All went well Super Easy and reliable process for… Super Easy and reliable process for selling scrap gold and jewelry you never wear!

Is it easy to sell gold on sellyourgold?

Selling gold is quick and easy with Sellyourgold. They have everything covered from sending an easy to complete kit to following up with a fair and competitive offer. I highly recommend their services.

Is it true that gold coin sales are untraceable?

Salespeople may also claim that coin sales are not reportable to the Internal Revenue Service and are untraceable by the government; neither is true. "They sell the coins with huge markups," Edelman says. "These buyers have no idea of the economics involved.

Is it easy to sell your gold at a fair price?

This process was excellent no stress at all. Everything is made simple and easy for you to sell your gold at a fair market price. I would recommend that anyone wishing to sell his/ her gold to seriously consider this company. Thank you for such a positive experience.

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