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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many cash for gold signs?

Cash for Gold Signs are in big demand as businesses who buy scrap Gold, 14k jewelry and even coins will buy this precious metal and melt it down for profit due to the Gold's rising prices. From jewelry stores to pawn shops, it seems everybody is buying gold in what has become a 21st century Gold Rush.

Is there a way to customize a gold sign?

All of the Gold Buying Sign Ideas we have created are fully customizable using our sign design tools to change your intended message, apply new font styles and sizes, and even upload custom graphics for any of the cash for gold signs you want to create.

Where can I buy gold coins and bullion?

We refine your gold to manufacture jewelry, create gold bars and trade it with our affiliates. Consequently, this allows us to offer you one the largest selection of coins, bullion, and numismatics. Visit our stores today and sell your unwanted gold jewelry and then invest in precious metal bars and bullion.

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