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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy gold and silver in Tulsa, OK?

Tulsa Gold & Silver is a full service coin shop that can help any collector with their coin needs. You can find a full line of coin supplies, including holders, books and Price guides. Tulsa Gold & Silver buys silver bullion coins and bars , gold coins and currency every day.

What to bring to Tulsa to get cash?

Get Cash Fast! This opens in a new window. From coins to old jewelry, bring in your valuables that you no longer want and we will give you a great deal! Silverware, watches, and necklaces are just a few things that we buy. Bring in your valuables today!

Why is Tulsa the oil capital of the world?

Tulsa, once nicknamed the “Oil Capital of the World,” has long been a crucial hub for the American oil industry. It is also known as the birthplace of Route 66.

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