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Frequently Asked Questions

What radio stations are in San Antonio Texas?

San Antonio , TX. KONO (860 kHz) is a commercial AM radio station in San Antonio, Texas. Owned by Cox Radio, it airs an oldies radio format focused on 1960’s and 70’s hits.

What is the weather in San Antonio Texas?

(San Antonio, Texas - TX, USA) The city of San Antonio enjoys a moderate climate with hot summers and mild winters, making San Antonio the ideal holiday destination. Spring and autumn seasons in San Antonio are pleasant seasons, with plenty of sunny weather and daytime temperatures averaging around 27°C / 80°F.

What is the nearest city to San Antonio Texas?

Country Capital: No. For all cities with a population greater than five hundred thousand, San Antonio (TX) is closest to Austin (TX) and farthest from Perth. The closest foreign city is Reynosa and the farthest domestic city is Seattle (WA).

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