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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money did Webjet raise from investors?

Pandemic-smashed travel outfit Webjet believes it will raise enough cash to survive even a slow rebound in the tourism industry. The Melbourne-based company on Thursday announced it expected to raise $346 million from investors – including private equity giant Bain Capital – boosting the level of cash it will bring in.

Why did Webjet have to issue convertible note?

Webjet’s shares came under pressure last week following the announcement of a convertible note offering to raise $250 million. Management advised that it was raising funds to repay $43 million of Webjet’s existing term debt, fund potential acquisitions, and for capital management or general corporate purposes.

What are the longer term issues for Webjet?

Morgan Stanley analysts said one issue for Webjet would be an exposure to any impairments on incoming payments from debtors. RBC Capital Markets analyst Tim Piper said longer-term hurdles included how many of the bedbank divisions customers go under, the pace of any rebound in travel and the damage done to Webjet’s online brand.

Who is the current Managing Director of Webjet?

“It’s been a brutal environment,” Webjet managing director John Guscic said on Thursday. But challenges remain, with Webjet’s own investment documentation outlining risks from brand damage to debtors collapsing and the uncertainty of how long travel bans will remain in place.

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