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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay GST on Webjet hotel booking?

By the sounds of it. Webjet buys yhe room through an agent overseas like Orbitz, so no GST in the transaction. Webjet doesn't charge GST as its an international transaction The hotel would charge the booking agent overseas GST but they can't pass it on, so absorb it.

How does Webjet guarantee the price of a flight?

• Booking Price Guarantee – when purchasing a flight and packaging other in-path Travel Products as part of a single transaction, Webjet guarantees the price of the Travel Product at the price selected at the commencement of the enquiry provided the paid in full booking is completed within 30-minutes,...

Do you have to pay GST on online air travel?

If I buy domestic air travel via an online, overseas travel agent who does not have an ABN (and is hence not registered for GST), then there is no GST involved in the transaction. Is that correct?

Which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Webjet?

WebBeds FZ LLC licence no. 91277 a wholly owned subsidiary of Webjet Limited ACN 002 013 612 provides access to a hotel booking facility. WebBeds has a marketing service agreement with the Third Party Providers of the hotel booking facility. The Hotel accommodation accessed through the Webjet website is provided by a Third Party Provider.

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