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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the registered office of Webjet Limited?

Webjet Limited is a digital travel business spanning both global consumer markets (through B2C) and wholesale markets (through B2B). Webjet Limited's Registered Office is located in Melbourne, Australia .

When was Webjet established in Australia and New Zealand?

Established in 1998, Webjet is an online travel agency in Australia and New Zealand. Webjet acquired the online travel booking group, Online Republic, in May 2016 for $NZ85 million. Online Republic is a global e-commerce group based in New Zealand.

When was Webjet acquired by Jac Travel?

In August 2017, Webjet announced the purchase of UK-based Jac Travel (who in turn had acquired its rival Totalstay in 2015). In November 2018, Webjet acquired Destinations of the World group, which was founded in 1991. In March 2021, Webjet announced an investment in LockTrip.

What are the advantages of booking flights with Webjet?

Not only can you compare, combine and book the best travel deals, but you also have an unparalleled level of choice. The advantages of booking with Webjet include: A full range of flight options: Mix and match airfares, compare prices between airlines and pick the best flight times to suit your travel needs.

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