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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EarthLink do in webmail 7.0?

It is where you will read or send emails, review or create calendar events, read or create tasks, manage your contacts or menage preferences. Previous: BasicsPrevious: Specific Elements

How to login to webmail 7.0 with keyboard?

Login - Webmail 7.0 Tips for Keyboard Users and Screen Readers The following is a list of tips and keyboard commands you can use to navigate Webmail. There are three pages in this document. To move to the next page, activate the link at the bottom of this popup. The following tables describe how to use different parts of the application.

Where is the log in button on EarthLink?

Top Navigation bar Contains a screen reader button that opens this keyboard popup, and a dropdown labelled with your account email. Open it to go to the support center, take a tour of the features of this application, provide us with feedback, or log out. Sections navigation (found after top navigation bar in tab order).

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