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Frequently Asked Questions

What are wedding hashtags used for?

For example, you use the hashtag symbol (#) and the the related words, i.e. #SmithWedding2013. Hashtags are most commonly used on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Since this trend is new, it is a good idea to have a sign at the wedding that informs your guests of what the hashtag is.

Do you have to have a wedding hashtag?

The truth is, you don't HAVE to have a wedding hashtag and if you do want one, you don't HAVE to make it funny, creative, cute, or over-the-top at all. On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to find the perfect hashtag, that's also perfectly fine.

Do you need a wedding hashtag?

Do You Need a Wedding Hashtag? Is a wedding hashtag truly necessary; after all, won't you have memories and the pics everyone will take? Well, yes, you will have those but having a hashtag makes it easier to locate them on various social media platforms. In addition, your hashtag means you see pics as soon as they are uploaded by guests ...

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