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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a horoscope tell you?

A horoscope cannot tell you what is going to happen, to you or to anybody else. But it can tell you what kind of person you are. Some psychologists use horoscopes to understand and help people who are upset or confused about themselves. Each of us is so complicated it is like having many different people inside us.

How to check your horoscope?

How to Know Your Horoscope Method 1 of 3: Figuring Out Your Zodiac Sign. Use your birthday to determine what Zodiac sign you are. ... Method 2 of 3: Finding Your Horoscope. Check a newspaper or online publication for your daily horoscope. ... Method 3 of 3: Reading an Astrological Chart. Get an astrology chart. ...

How to prepare a horoscope?

Part 1 of 3: Writing Inspired Horoscopes Build your horoscopes through research and attention to the position of the sun, moon and stars. ... Start each horoscope with the major tone of each house. ... Look to each sign's second and third houses for a deeper understanding of horoscopes. ... Watch the movement of planets and stars to anticipate big changes in life. ... More items...

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