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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there weekly schedule templates in PDF format?

Get a simple at-a-glance weekly overview with the one-page weekly planner templates allowing you to keep all your to-do's, appointments and notes in one place. These templates are available in PDF format in various page sizes: A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter.

How many days are in a weekly calendar?

The vertical weekly format of the weekly calendar is another commonly used format in the United States. This format has seven days, Sunday through Saturday, written from top to bottom, to see your days in a column format.

Is it good to have a weekly schedule?

A calendar may alleviate stress by getting your to-do list out of your head and organized onto a page, but it can also be overwhelming if you simply cram every minute of your schedule with tasks. As you plan your weekly calendar, consider these tips for creating a sustainable and balanced schedule:

Is there a template for a one week calendar?

One-week calendars make it easy to create a comprehensive schedule, with each day broken down into hourly segments. The template also provides an alternating color scheme to help distinguish each row in the calendar. This template offers the same features as the blank weekly calendar shown above but with a vertical layout.

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