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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Check my Wells Fargo account online?

To check your Wells Fargo account online, go to and enter your username and password. Your online access applies to any banking accounts you have included in your online banking profile.

How do you get free checks from Wells Fargo?

Unfortunately, free checks is a service that is dying out with most large banks, including Wells Fargo. Only certain accounts, with high balance requirements, obtain free checks. You could check with a teller to see if you meet the requirement by having either enough assets, loans, or a combination of the two to get free checks.

How do you change your Wells Fargo password?

Locate the " My Profile " section (second in the left column), and click on the " Change Password " link it contains (second link in the listing, at the time of this writing). The Wells Fargo " Change Password " screen will open, and include three separate text fields;

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