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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Change my wellsky customer portal password?

Enter your WellSky Customer Portal user name and password. Enter your new password and confirm password. Please wait, verifying your account ....... Enter your email id. Enter your new password and confirm password.

What is wellsky scheduling?

WellSky interfaces with systems for scheduling outbound messages to help you streamline your workflows and information management. “The schedulers find WellSky Scheduling extremely easy to use. Moving appointments has never been easier – they just point and click, drag and drop!”

Why wellwellsky for your practice?

WellSky makes complex patient scheduling easy. Your staff will have the tools to optimize patient flow, collect patient information quickly and accurately, reduce practitioner downtime and scheduling errors, and improve compliance with protocols. Our solution optimizes the patient experience by increasing communication.

What browsers does wellsky Resource Manager support?

*Javascript must be enabled to use this web application. WellSky Resource Manager no longer supports Internet Explorer as of 7/27/21. Our supported and recommended browsers are Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Please contact your system adminstrator. Forgot Password?

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