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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about wellsky support?

WellSky ® is passionate about providing our customers with sensational support and training opportunities to ensure you are successful with our products. Our highly-trained support team is available to provide assistance to every staff member in your organization, as often as they need it.

What are the benefits of wellsky blood bank software?

WellSky Transfusion (formerly HCLL Transfusion) supports quality patient care and drives efficiency by streamlining collaboration among the blood bank, lab, physicians, and nurses. Together, we can ensure smarter and safer blood management through our comprehensive platform. Discover the benefits of WellSky blood bank software

What kind of software does wellsky transfusion use?

WellSky Transfusion Analytics (formerly HCLL Analytics) integrates directly with WellSky Transfusion to display indicators that detail the status of your transfusion practice, inventory management, and other aspects of blood utilization.

Who is the CEO of wellsky health care?

During the 2020 virtual Health Evolution Summit, WellSky CEO Bill Miller joined other top thought leaders to discuss the growing value of in-home care.

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