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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get support with a wellsky subscription?

Client Support is included in your monthly WellSky subscription fee and is available to every member of your organization. We’re here to support you! We’ve developed a variety of training options to guarantee successful implementation and transition to the WellSky platforms.

How to change your wellsky email account password?

Type your user name and password. Enter your new password and confirm password. Please wait, verifying your account ....... Enter your email id. Enter your new password and confirm password. Copyright © WellSky, Inc.

Who is the CEO of wellsky health care?

During the 2020 virtual Health Evolution Summit, WellSky CEO Bill Miller joined other top thought leaders to discuss the growing value of in-home care.

What kind of training is available for wellsky?

Our ongoing training options include instructor-led webinars and extensive online learning materials. These training opportunities provide refreshers for current users, as well as orientation opportunities for new teammates, to ensure you get the most out of your WellSky investment.

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