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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Change my wellsky customer portal password?

Enter your WellSky Customer Portal user name and password. Enter your new password and confirm password. Please wait, verifying your account ....... Enter your email id. Enter your new password and confirm password.

What is wellwellsky’s integration with ClearCARE?

WellSky has integrated its aging and disability software with ClearCare, used by over 4,000 personal care providers across the U.S., to optimize referral management, communications, and collaboration between AAAs and their providers.

Why choose wellwellsky for aging and disability solutions?

WellSky’s web-based aging and disability solutions are fast to implement, without costly infrastructure investments.

What additional tools are available for wellsky Aging&Disability?

WellSky offers a portfolio of tools available as additional modules for WellSky Aging & Disability that improve efficiencies, extend collaboration capabilities, and provide additional insights. Tools include Advanced Reporting, Assessment Designer, Service Delivery Manager, Caregiver Module, Client ID Scan, and Care Transitions.

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