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Frequently Asked Questions

How many patients has wellsky patient scheduling software helped?

Over the last 25 years, our scheduling software has streamlined over 5,000 clinics, hospitals, and practices, helping them book complex recurring appointments, reduce no-shows, and enhance service.

What kind of browser does wellsky Resource Manager support?

WellSky Resource Manager no longer supports Internet Explorer as of 7/27/21. Our supported and recommended browsers are Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Please contact your system adminstrator.

Do you have to have a license to use wellsky?

Unlike other web-based systems that make you buy a login for every user, your WellSky Scheduling license is based on concurrent users — the maximum number of people who will use the system at any one time.

Who is the CEO of wellsky health care?

During the 2020 virtual Health Evolution Summit, WellSky CEO Bill Miller joined other top thought leaders to discuss the growing value of in-home care.

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