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Frequently Asked Questions

How does wellsky support help your business succeed?

WellSky ® is passionate about providing our clients with sensational support and training opportunities to ensure you are successful with our products. Our highly-trained support team is available to provide assistance to every staff member in your organization, as often as they need it.

Where do I Send my wellsky training email?

These training opportunities provide refreshers for current users, as well as orientation opportunities for new teammates, to ensure you get the most out of your WellSky investment. If you need a CareTend TRC account, please send an email to [email protected] and include your license number, company name, your name, and email address.

Who are the trainers for the wellsky platform?

We’ve developed a variety of training options to guarantee successful implementation and transition to the WellSky platforms. Our trainers not only have the deep product knowledge you expect, but also have extensive experience to ensure that they understand your business goals.

When does the password for wellsky rehabilitation expire?

Your password will expire in days. Would you like to update it now? Your password has expired, please update it. Change your password... You are not using a supported browser for this application.

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