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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my WellStar MyChart account?

Charges available in your MyChart account are for services provided by WellStar Health System and its employed physicians. Patients may receive paper bills from other provider groups if those services are not provided by WellStar Health System employed physicians; such as ED visits, lab or imaging tests, or if they are a homecare patient.

Where can I find my health information on MyChart?

In addition to the MyChart mobile app, you can view your MyChart health information through the Apple Health app. If you have not already, register for MyChart. Open the pre-loaded Health app on your iPhone. In Health Data, go to the Health Records, find and connect to Wellstar Health System.

Can you message Your WellStar primary care provider?

You can message a provider you have previously for up to two years, after this period the provider will not be available for messaging. Your WellStar PCP (Primary Care Provider) will be available to message if one has been documented on your record as part of your care team. Who Can Contact Me?

What can WellStar Health System do for You?

Now she can get back to living her full, busy life. Virtually visit a Wellstar primary care or specialty medicine expert, whether you’re already an established patient or in search of new care. Serving your family's healthcare needs with a personalized approach to wellness.

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