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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Wesfarmers decide to merge with Kmart?

Since announcing this change, Wesfarmers and Kmart Group have received many messages of concern but also recognition that businesses need to be sustainable in the long term. Target has struggled for many years and has incurred very significant losses. In its current form, it is not viable.

How many Target stores are being closed by Wesfarmers?

The company will also shut between 10 and 25 large Target stores and 50 Target Country stores as the business struggles amid the coronavirus pandemic. Last month, Wesfarmers highlighted that while Kmart was profitable, “Target’s earnings have decreased significantly.” Visit Business Insider Australia’s homepage for more stories.

How many Target stores are going to be converted to Kmarts?

Following a review into its Target stores, Westfarmers decided to convert between 10 and 40 suitable Target and Target Country stores into Kmarts, subject to support from landlords. However, Wesfarmers will be shutting between 10 and 25 Target stores and 50 Target Country stores.

Where are the headquarters of Wesfarmers Limited located?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wesfarmers Limited is an Australian conglomerate, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. It has interests predominantly in Australian and New Zealand, operating in retail, chemical, fertiliser, industrial and safety products.

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