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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Wesfarmers restructuring the Target retail business?

Wesfarmers will also be restructuring the Target store support office. These changes have been made on the basis that Target has been financially underperforming and Target cannot respond to significant change and disruption in the retail sector.

What kind of businesses does Wesfarmers Corporation have?

Its diverse business operations include, supermarkets, hotel, liquor, and convenience stores, home improvement; department stores – Kmart and Target; office supplies; with industrials division in businesses such as energy, chemicals, and fertilizers, safety and industrial products and coal.

What is the strategic analysis assignment for Wesfarmers?

This Strategic Analysis Assignment will present the case of the chosen organisation named Wesfarmers for preparing the strategic analysis of the company. The business practices of the company will be seen with effective analysis of the micro and the macro environment of the company.

What is the history of Wesfarmers in Australia?

Business background: Wesfarmers was grounded in 1914 as a cooperative association by Western Australian farmers. Also, in approximately 100 long years of its establishment it is regarded as one of the well-known and recognized organizations in Australia.

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