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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the stretch rap mean for Wesfarmers?

Reconciliation Australia congratulates Wesfarmers on its deep commitment to reconciliation as it implements its seventh Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), since starting its reconciliation journey in 2009. The implementation of a Stretch RAP signifies that Wesfarmers is a leading advocate for

Who are the members of the Wesfarmers rap?

Jawun, The Clontarf Foundation and the Graham ‘Polly’ Farmer Foundation. From 2013 the Wesfarmers RAP will focus on deepening staff engagement through National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week activities and they will ensure ongoing cultural awareness training for staff, including the leadership team and Board.

What kind of Business is Wesfarmers in Australia?

From its origins in 1914 as a Western Australian farmers' cooperative, Wesfarmers has grown into one of Australia's largest listed companies. With headquarters in Western Australia, its diverse business operations cover: home improvement and outdoor living; apparel and general merchandise; office supplies; Search Wesfarmers Enter a search term

Where does the Wesfarmers Reconciliation Action Plan come from?

Our Reconciliation Action Plan logo was created with support from Marcus Lee Design. The ‘yonga’ is the name given to the kangaroo by Western Australia’s Noongar people. The yonga will travel long distances to find life sustaining food and water. For Wesfarmers, the yonga tracks

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