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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the best movies of the 60s?

The best movies of the '60s spanned many genres as well. Thrillers like Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and John Frankenheimer's The Manchurian Candidate are considered classics as is Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus, Dr. Strangelove, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. There were also musicals that were adopted to the big screen like West Side Story.

What was popular in the 60s?

Aside from the popularity of rock and R&B music in the 1960s, Latin American as well as Jamaican and Cuban music achieved a degree of popularity throughout the decade, with genres such as Bossa nova, the cha-cha-cha, ska, and calypso being popular.

What was the old 60s Western TV show Cheyenne about?

'Cheyenne' (1955 to 1962) Cheyenne takes place after the Civil War and focuses on the adventure of Cheyenne Bodie ( Clint Walker ), who roams the west picking fights, taking on bad guys and courting women. It premiered in 1955 and ran for seven seasons and 108 episodes.

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