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Frequently Asked Questions

What shows and movies are on Hulu?

Hulu has streaming movies and TV shows in genres like Drama, Documentaries, Comedy, Action and Adventure, Animation and Cartoons, Anime, Arts and Culture, Classics, Family, Food, Gay and Lesbian, Health and Wellness, Horror and Suspense, International, Kids, Lifestyle, Music, News and Information, Reality and Game Shows, Science fiction, Sports, ...

What TV series are on Hulu?

BBC Worldwide and BBC America. The popular Hulu channels have BBC Worldwide and the BBC America included, the content of which is more in tune with the American audience. TV shows like The Office, Spaced, The Musketeers, Atlantis, The F Word, Outnumbered and Gavin & Stacey are available on Hulu subscription.

Can I watch Westworld on Hulu?

If you would like to watch Westworld on Hulu you will have the same problem as when you try to watch The Big Bang Theory on Hulu. Due to the popularity of the show and the fact that the creators have their very own streaming platform they will not give it into the hands of other streaming platforms.

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