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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the financial results for WestPac 2018?

1Reported throughout this release on a cash earnings basis unless otherwise stated. For an explanation of cash earnings and reconciliation to reported results refer to pages 4-6 and 125-128 of the Group’s 2018 Full Year Financial Results Announcement. 2Including offset balances.

What is the Japanese version of Westpac's annual report?

2005 Financial Summary in Japanese (PDF 639KB) - contains a summary of Westpac's full year financial results for the disclosure requirements of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 2004 Concise Annual report (PDF 3MB) concise financials and information for shareholders.

Who is the current CEO of Westpac Bank?

Westpac Group CEO, Mr Brian Hartzer said, “In a difficult year, Westpac delivered a flat financial result. “While the economic environment remains supportive, this result reflects the tough operating conditions for banks, with higher regulatory, compliance, and funding costs, and increased competitive pressure, particularly in the second half.

Where can I find Westpac Financial Disclosure Statement?

The links listed link to Product Disclosure Statements and relevant supplementary documents issued by Westpac Banking Corporation under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. These documents have been lodged on the Disclose Register. You can obtain copies of these documents from the Disclose Register, or by clicking on the links.

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