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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Westpac debt in New Zealand?

Westpac NZ has made one of this country's largest ever non-government debt issues, raising NZ$900 mln for an offer that was notionally seeking NZ$100 mln Westpac NZ keen to follow Aussie parent and launch services allowing customers to bank while texting with iPhone contacts

How long does it take to change Westpac interest rate?

# Westpac NZ may change the Base Rate, replace it with a new Base Rate, or change the modifier (if any) or the margin from time to time. Apply online. Apply online in as little as 10 minutes, and you could get conditional approval1 in just 60 seconds.

How much can you invest with Westpac Bank?

Special rates not available to financial institutions or for investments over $5,000,000 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Westpac promotion, offer or package benefit. Rates are available for Retail and Business Banking customers and apply up to the first $5,000,000 of deposits held either solely or jointly with Westpac.

When do I get paid on my Westpac term deposit?

When you choose to be paid at maturity, your interest is paid in the full amount at the end of the term. If you wish to be paid regularly or on a monthly basis, you can opt to settle with terms of six months or longer. You can have your interest paid into your Westpac bank account or any of your nominated bank accounts.

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