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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Westpac Bank branches in New Zealand?

Here are the Westpac SWIFT codes: Branch Name Swift Code WESTPAC BANK, Auckland, New Zealand WPACNZ2W WESTPACTRUST, Wellington, New Zealand .. ... WTSLNZ21

How many codes does Westpac have in New Zealand?

As you can see from the table above, Westpac has two (2) codes you can choose from for the operations in New Zealand. Compared the five (5) codes they have available in Australia.

How to get a WestPac SWIFT code online?

To find a SWIFT code through Online Banking, simply: 1 Log in to 2 Choose your payment destination 3 Nominate the amount and account you'd like to pay from 4 Enter the recipient's bank details 5 Search for the SWIFT code by entering the name or city of the recipient's bank.

Which is the postal code for New Zealand?

New Zealand - postal codes 1 Woodhill 0110 New Zealand Northland -35.732/174.31 -35.732/174.31 -35.732/174.31 -35.732/174.31 2 Whau Valley 0112 New Zealand Northland -35.698/174.3 -35.698/174.3 -35.698/174.3 -35.698/174.3 3 Waro 0114 New Zealand Northland 26 more rows ...

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