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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track eBay shipping?

Where to Find Tracking Information. In most cases, eBay purchases are shipped USPS. Follow these six steps on the regular eBay site: Go to My eBay. Navigate to purchase history. Find the item in question. Find the tracking number inside the green shaded area. Click on the number.

Can You track eBay orders?

To track your eBay order, you can enter your tracking number in the rectangle box above and then press the "Track" button. Detailed tracking results will be shown in a new window instantly.

How do you track an order with a tracking number?

To track your order using a UPS tracking number: Just enter the number in the appropriate box, below on the right, and click on "track your package". The UPS tracking number begins with 1Z and can be found on the UPS shipping alert sent to you when your order shipped.

How do you check your order on eBay?

To track an eBay order Visit in your web browser. Sign in to your eBay account. Move your cursor to the top-right corner of the screen and hover over My eBay. Click Purchase History. Locate the item you want to track, and click the tracking number beneath it to see its tracking status.

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