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What is the legal definition of ratio decidendi?

[Latin, The ground or reason of decision.] The legal principle upon which the decision in a specific case is founded. The ratio decidendi is also known as the rationale for a decision. ratio decidendi. ‘the rule in a decision’.

What's the difference between a ratio and a decision?

Ratio is a ruling on a point of law and the decision on a point of law depends on facts of a case. Culling out ratio from a judgment is difficult. A thorough reading of an entire judgment is required to identify a ratio. Ration decidendi can be determined or identified in the following ways:

What's the difference between ratio decidendi and obiter dicta?

Difference Between Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta The main difference between ratio and obiter dicta is the information under scrutiny. For example, ratio decidendi refers to the facts of the case, those things that no one can debate. Obiter dicta, on the other hand, is everything in between.

How is the ratio of a case determined?

The ratio of the case has to be deduced from its facts, the reasons the court gave for reaching its decision, and the decision itself. It is said to be the statement of law applied to the material facts. Only the ratio of a case is binding on inferior courts, by reason of the doctrine of precedent. From: ratio decidendi in A Dictionary of Law »

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