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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stockholm syndrome and why does it happen?

Stockholm syndrome is an emotional response. It happens to some abuse and hostage victims when they have positive feelings toward an abuser or captor. What Is Stockholm Syndrome? Stockholm syndrome isn't a psychological diagnosis. Instead, it is a way of understanding the emotional response some people have towards a captor or abuser.

What causes someone to get Stockholm syndrome?

Stockholm syndrome is commonly linked to high profile kidnappings and hostage situations. Aside from famous crime cases, regular people may also develop this psychological condition in response to various types of trauma.

What is an easy explanation of Stockholm syndrome?

The most basic definition of Stockholm syndrome, according to the Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary, states that it is "a form of bonding between a captive and captor in which the captive begins to identify with, and may even sympathize with, the captor."

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