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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a replica of an OEM wheel?

There is a growing industry, mainly in China and Taiwan, that manufacturer these Replica Wheels. Anybody can travel there and have an exact replica copy of any OEM wheel you want. Unlike OEM wheels, most Replica Wheels go through little or no quality control checks during or after the manufacturing process.

Which is better factory wheels or replica wheels?

They are relatively easy to acquire from overseas manufacturers at a much lower cost than Factory Original (OEM) wheels, which in turn makes them very profitable to sell. The problem with Replica Wheels is that the vast majority of people buying them do not know it.

Who is the largest seller of replica wheels?

“It is important to note that not all replica wheels are of good quality,” said Frank Quiñones, Sales Manager for OE Wheels, LLC and 4Play Wheels. OE Wheels is one of the largest sellers of quality replica rims in the U.S., selling over 250,000 wheels annually.

What are the dangers of using replica wheels?

The replica wheels are also shown to increase wear and tear on suspension. All of these factors, from the integrity of the metal to the interface of the tire system with the vehicle’s electronic stability system, can greatly increase the risk of serious bodily harm of injury. Factory Original (OEM) Wheels (There are no substitutes!):

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