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Frequently Asked Questions

What is okwheels and deals?

Wheels and Deals is the Bay Area s un-car dealership where Buyer meets Seller. It s the best place to see, shop, drive, buy, or sell any used vehicle. Sellers display their vehicles at our secure well-lighted display lot, allowing buyers to comfortably browse acres of inventory at their leisure, and never be hassled by a salesperson.

Where can I get new tires for my RV?

Get tires and wheels for your RV, camper, or motorhome from Lionshead, Taskmaster, Westlake, or Kenda. Whether you're replacing worn tires or upgrading dull rims, every assembly will deliver a long life and a stylish look.

Where can I buy an RV in the USA?

All 1015 Featured RV Dealers in the USA and Canada. Alabama. Ashley's Boat & RV. Atlantic Motor Company Inc. Bankston Motor Homes - Albertville. Bankston Motor Homes - Florence. Bankston Motor Homes - Huntsville. Campers & More.

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