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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use that, which, or who?

that, which, or who?: Usage Guide. In current usage that refers to persons or things, which chiefly to things and rarely to subhuman entities, who chiefly to persons and sometimes to animals. The notion that that should not be used to refer to persons is without foundation; such use is entirely standard.

What is the meaning of the word which?

Definition of which. (Entry 1 of 3) 1 : being what one or ones out of a group —used as an interrogative which tie should I wear kept a record of which employees took their vacations in July. 2 : whichever it will not fit, turn it which way you like. 3 —used as a function word to introduce a nonrestrictive relative clause ...

Do you know the difference between which and that?

People use which and that every day. Just because these words are common doesn’t mean they’re easy to use. In particular, clauses cause a lot of confusion, but there’s an easy way to remember which one to choose. Be the best writer in the office. Which vs. That: What’s the Difference in Usage?

What is the meaning of who, whom, and what?

They are: who, which, whom, what and whose. These are also known as wh-words. Questions using these are called wh-questions: … We use who and whom on their own: … Relative pronouns introduce relative clauses. The most common relative pronouns are who, whom, whose, which, that.

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