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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sing our national anthem?

Once you know the song, the best way to sing the national anthem is to sing it in the lowest key possible and record your starting pitch. Mark your breaths so that you don’t run out of air while you sing, and practice moving from one vocal register to another to ensure that you maintain control of your voice.

What is anthem national account?

National Accounts. National Accounts are generally multi-state employer groups primarily headquartered in an Anthem, Inc. service area with 5,000 or more eligible employees, of which at least 5% are located outside of the headquarter state.

Which is the oldest national anthem?

The Wilhelmus, the national anthem of the Netherlands, is the world’s oldest national anthem that was written during the time of the Dutch Revolt between 1568 and 1572. The Kimigayo, the national anthem of Japan, has the oldest lyrics of any national anthem.

What is the name of the National Anthom?

National anthem. President Herbert Hoover signed the bill on March 4, 1931, officially adopting "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the national anthem of the United States of America. As currently codified, the United States Code states that " [t]he composition consisting of the words and music known as the Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem.".

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