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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Marlon Jackson's daughter Brittany Jackson?

This is Marlon Jackson’s and Carol’s youngest daughter, Brittany Jackson. She’s 41 years old, and keeps an even lower profile than her big sis,’ Valencia So the only facts we know about her are that she is a college graduate and she has two children, her daughters Phoenix and Savannah.

How old is Brittany Jackson?

Brittany Elizabeth Jackson, was born in Cleveland, Tennessee on July 28, 1983; to Jim and Diane Jackson. She graduated in 2001, from Bradley Central High School in Cleveland, Tennessee. She later played basketball at the University of Tennessee. Ms. Jackson was a member of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers under coach Pat Summitt.

Are Brittany Jackson and Albert Jackson married?

There is no news of them being married or any children. Although Albert wants to be her husband and have children, she insists on taking things slowly. FAQ: How old is Brittany Jackson?

Who is Albert Haynesworth's wife Brittany Jackson?

Brittany Jackson (fully Brittany Elizabeth Jackson) is popular for once being the wife of former American football defensive tackle of the Tennessee Titans' Albert Haynesworth. She along with her then-husband, Haynesworth made headlines in 2017 with their tumultuous relationship.

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