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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some words to describe my Wifey?

Spoken of, my only love, the only one. You're my wifey. Make my life complete. Sweet—but you know when to flip it street. Freak—but only when it comes to me. See—that’s why you’re my wifey.

Where can I find the song my Wife?

My Wife is found on the album Thirty Years of Maximum R&B . We do not have any tags for My Wife lyrics. Why not add your own? Who Are You?

What is the meaning of the song my Wife about?

About “My Wife”. This song is about a man who went out and got drunk and was gone for a period of time (due to being locked up in the drunk tank) and is in fear of his wife because she thinks he was spending time with another woman.

What is “wife” about?

“Wife” examines Mitski’s conflicting feelings surrounding the patriarchy, womanhood, and family. As a wife, women are traditionally required to bear children, stay at home, and cultivate a family for her husband.

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