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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term "Wifey" really mean?

The term "wifey" means a girl who is pretty much a guy's top girl . It's similar to calling someone "boo" or girlfriend and if a guy calls you wifey and he says it seriously, it means that you are someone that he respects and cares about deeply.

What is the difference between wife and Wifey?

A wife is a caretaker of you and your family, whereas the girlfriend has no family relationship with you, but just makes you feel ecstasy. A wife will always be with her husband in her journey of life.

Is there a difference between wife and Wifey?

As nouns the difference between wifey and wife is that wifey is (informal) wife while wife is a married woman, especially in relation to her spouse. As a adjective wifey is of, befitting, pertaining to, or characteristic of a wife.

What does the name Wifey mean?

A plain definition of a wifey is a woman that is in a serious relationship with a man. She is more so of an elevated girlfriend but not really an actual wife.

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