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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Wikimedia Commons?

Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Commons (or simply Commons) is an online repository of free-use images, sounds, and other media files. It is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation . Files from Wikimedia Commons can be used across all Wikimedia projects in all languages, including Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikivoyage, Wikispecies, Wikisource,...

When was the Wikimedia Commons central repository created?

The project was proposed by Erik Möller in March 2004 and launched on September 7, 2004. A key motivation behind the setup of a central repository was the desire to reduce duplication of effort across the Wikimedia projects and languages, as the same file had to be uploaded to many different wikis separately before Commons was created.

How many Wikimedia Commons articles are related to human sexuality?

The main article for this category is Human sexuality. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Human sexuality. This category has the following 12 subcategories, out of 12 total. The following 85 pages are in this category, out of 85 total.

When was the Commons picture of the year created?

The Commons Picture of the Year (POTY) is a competition that was first run in 2006. It aims to identify the best freely licensed images from those that during the year have been awarded Featured picture status.

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