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Frequently Asked Questions

How many English articles are on Wikipedia?

English Wikipedia Articles 6,246,276 Pages 52,620,223 Files 890,704 Edits 1,001,154,193 5 more rows ... Mar 6 2021

How do you add wikipedia?

To get started, you first add a wiki to a collection or workspace (DocuShare CPX only) and then add content to it. To add a wiki: 1. Navigate to and open the container to which you want to add a wiki. 2. From the Add menu, select Wiki. The Add Wiki page appears.

How do I create an article in Wikipedia?

Steps Begin. Search to see if the article you want to write already exists. View your search results. Consider the subject of your article carefully. Prepare to write your article. Log in or create an account. Find page in user space. Start writing. Proofread your article.

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