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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wikipedia search page?

Wikipedia's search page is a fairly empty page on the Wikipedia website that contains the main navigational menu on the left side of the screen and a search box within the main body. Unlike the small search bar that's used in the top-right corner of Wikipedia pages, searches done via the search page will always...

How does Wikipedia search engine work?

Wikipedia uses a powerful search engine, with a search box on every page . The search box will navigate directly to a given page name upon an exact match. But, you can force it to show you other pages that include your search string by including a tilde character ~ anywhere in the query. The maximum search string is 300 characters long.

What is a Wikipedia search engine?

search engine. Wikipedia. search engine (plural search engines) (computing) An application that searches for, and retrieves, data based on some criteria, especially one that searches the Internet for documents containing specified words.

How do you add wikipedia?

To get started, you first add a wiki to a collection or workspace (DocuShare CPX only) and then add content to it. To add a wiki: 1. Navigate to and open the container to which you want to add a wiki. 2. From the Add menu, select Wiki. The Add Wiki page appears.

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