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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is nux Taku in real life?

Please edit this page to improve its grammar, spelling, or format. [age 25] ), or simply Nux, is a Canadian-American YouTuber and streamer who formerly made comedic analytical videos about anime, recently making videos about other topics including analytics and memes.

What kind of flexes does nux Taku do?

A series where Nux stealth raids small and big Twitch streamers alike with an army Billys. He will order the Billys to say certain things in the stream chat and laugh at the hilarity which ensues. Biggest Flexes In Anime is Nux Taku's highly popular series in which he creates a list of some of the biggest flexes in anime and then discusses them.

What are some of nux Taku's nicknames on Twitch?

He has stated that he will summon Satan when he hits 2,000,000 subscribers on YouTube. He also promised to bring back an old series of his if he gets 2,500 subscribers on Twitch. Nux Taku's nicknames include Nux Taco, Daddy Nux, Elon Nux, Nuxy Boii, Lost Pause 3, and Lor D. Nuxanor.

Where can I find Billy from nux Taku?

You can also Join Billy at 1-800-JOINBILLY.nux or Nux_Taku . Nuxanor. Just an amazing channel that is toe to toe with nux, annd their personalities are so similar that some think that they are the same people (friendly rival)

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