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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "a vobis" mean in Latin?

vobis. Latin, meaning: (abl.) you / who knows more than YOU? i do!

What is the Latin word for dictionary?

Diction (Latin: dictionem (nom. dictio), "a saying, expression, word"), in its original meaning, is a writer's or speaker's distinctive vocabulary choices and style of expression in a poem or story.

What does iuvenis mean in Latin?

A youth; a young man or woman. small: ...小さい‎ (ちいさい, chiisai), 若い‎ (わかい, wakai) Latin: iuvenis ‎ Macedonian: мал‎ (masc.) Mapudungun: pichi‎ Marathi:... young: ...Kyrgyz: жаш‎ Lao: ຍຸພະ‎ Latgalian: jauns‎ Latin: iuvenis ‎ (masc.) (f), puer‎ (masc.) (even 17), puella‎ (fem.) (even...

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