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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the word per se come from?

Borrowed from Latin per sē (“by itself”), from per (“by, through”) and sē (“itself, himself, herself, themselves”) . It's not that I've got anything against kids per se, but I believe in discipline. It's not a museum per se, but they do have some interesting artefacts. I take photographs. But I'm not a photographer. Right. Not per se. Right.

Where does the last name Se come from?

Etymology. From Proto-Finnic *se, from Proto-Uralic *śe. For plural forms, see etymology of ne . The oblique stem si- is seen in some forms and is also found in other Finnic languages, such as the following cognates of the partitive singular sitä: Karelian sitä, Livvi sittäh, Veps sidä, Votic sitä.

Which is the correct definition of the word se?

se (enclitic, contracted 's, proclitic es, contracted proclitic s') himself, herself, itself (direct or indirect object) oneself (direct or indirect object) themselves (direct or indirect object) each other (direct or indirect object)

Where does the word se come from in Catalan?

From Latin sē . The use of se and other direct personal pronouns can indicate the passive in Catalan. 1) Behaves grammatically as plural. 2) Behaves grammatically as third person. 3) Only as object of a preposition.

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