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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it about Wilkes Bashford?

Originally a men’s store, Wilkes Bashford opened under the Sutter-Stockton garage and was the first in San Francisco to promote an aesthetic he called “bold conservative,” carrying Brioni, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Versace and other designer brands, a contrast to the counterculture, hippie clothing of the day.

What is wilwilkes San Francisco?

Wilkes San Francisco was gutted, rewired, and re-imagined as a stunning, metaphorical 7-story townhouse, conceived in the “Mitchells tradition,” to make customers feel as if they are being welcomed into a gracious home.

When was the first Bashford's opened?

The flagship store was opened in 1966 by Wilkes Bashford, its namesake, and has long catered to the elite, including former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. The original store is in the Union Square Shopping District in San Francisco, California.

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