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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I access the Wilkes University online community?

You cannot access the Wilkes University online community because your Web browser options do not currently support cookies. You must enable your browser to accept cookies before you can use the online community. In order for you to access this online community, your Web browser must accept cookies.

How do I log in to my Wilkes account?

To access your Wilkes account, please enter your Wilkes Identification Number (WIN) in the User ID field and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the corresponding field below, then click the Login button.

Why study at Wilkes?

That's not the case at Wilkes, where undergraduates can engage in meaningful research, often starting freshman year. At Wilkes you'll find the offerings of a large university and the close-knit, mentoring culture of a small college. Our faculty and staff are committed to your success.

What's new at Wilkes University Theatre?

Brianna Rowland '21 has played many roles on stage with the Wilkes University Theatre. Her new role is as president of the Multicultural Student Coalition. Gregory Chang '22, William Billingsley '19 and Geraldine Ojukwu '19 earned second place in a competition to remake the map of the state's legislative districts.

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