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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UWP application in Windows 10?

UWP Application -> Since UWP is sandboxed, the UWP app will forward all system requests to the Windows Service, which will do all of the brunt work and just return the output. We can simply do this in WPF, but we would like to use UWP in order to utilize some new Windows 10 core features WPF is lacking such as live tiles and Cortana.

How do I create an app service in UWP?

Select File > New > Project... In the Create a new project dialog box, select Blank App (Universal Windows) C#. This will be the app that makes the app service available to other UWP apps. Click Next, and then name the project AppServiceProvider, choose a location for it, and then click Create.

What are Windows 10 app services?

Windows app services enable app-to-app communication by allowing your UWP app to provide services to another Universal Windows app. App services let you create UI-less services that apps can call on the same device, and starting with Windows 10, version 1607, on remote devices. See Create and consume an app service for details.

Why can’t I run UWP apps on the system?

This is an issue since UWP apps are sandboxed. However, we are trying to bypass that issue by trying to approach it in this manner: Windows Service -> Running on the system at all times. This will host the core functionality when it comes to accessing and modifying system resources.

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