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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Santorini wine the best in Greece?

Once in Santorini, try our wines as they are believed to be the best ones in Greece. You can have a glass of wine at a bar or at a restaurant, but this would be just the very beginning of your wine trip in course of time and history.

Why was wine important in ancient Greece?

Importance of wine in the ancient Greece. Wine, like grain, was considered to be one of the most important gifts that gods give it to humanity. Wine was served for religious, social and medical purposes. Ancient Greeks believed that brings release from pain and sorrow, if drank in the right quantities.

What is Greek wine?

Greek wine. The most common style of wine in ancient Greece was sweet and aromatic, though drier wines were also produced. Color ranged from dark, inky black to tawny to nearly clear. Oxidation was difficult to control, a common wine fault that meant many wines did not retain their quality beyond the next vintage.

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