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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best wines for beginners?

Garnacha, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Monastrell, Petite Sirah and Carménère are the best red wines for beginners for three specific reasons.

Does wine taste better with food?

I find that food tastes better with wine. Wine enhances the flavors of the food, especially when you have a wonderful marriage of food and wine. It is a matter of perception and the way your perceptions are influenced. Wine served in a paper cup just does not feel the same as wine in a thin-walled Riedel glass.

How do you pair wine with food?

Take your summation of the wine and try to match it to similar characteristics in food. Find at least one aspect that corresponds with the food, such as the sweetness, the flavor, the texture, etc. Try the food. Eat a small piece, chew, and swallow it.

What wine do you serve with Mexican food?

Pinot Noir. This high acid, low tannin, light red wine goes well with most Mexican dishes. The array of flavors owing to the fresh ingredients used in Mexican cuisine like chilies, tomatoes, lime, cilantro, etc., call for a high acid wine that can balance the flavors of the dish well.

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