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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best appliances store in Australia?

Welcome to Australia's most inspiring appliances stores - showcasing kitchen and laundry unlike any other. Customer service is the cornerstone of our business and we make every effort to provide the absolute best experience for our customers. A family business since 1906, we have a proud heritage and strong values centred around family.

What was the objective of the Winning Appliances?

The Winning Appliances approach is to create a relaxed shopping experience and to assist customers for as long as required. The ultimate objective is to find the most suitable product to meet specific needs, based on the individuals household and budget.

How to choose the best appliances for your home?

If you're unsure about what appliances are right for you and your home, simply contact us and let our online customer support team make a recommendation for you. With many products to choose from, here's a great place to start your project.

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