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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Polaris Ranger evolution UTV electric wiper?

FREE SHIPPING! The Polaris Ranger Evolution UTV Electric Wiper Kit by MotoAlliance can wipe away your weather worries. This electric wiper system keeps your HC poly windshield clear of rain, snow and light debris so you ride with better visibility.

What are the best electric wiper kits for the Ranger?

Polaris Ranger Evolution Electric Wiper Kit by MotoAlliance includes wiper motor, wiper blade, UTV wiper system, fluid tank, and hardware. The evolution of electric UTV wiper with their integrated on and off switch will protect you in the unexpected downpour.

Are the windshield wiper blades replaceable?

The telescopic arm is adjustable and the 12” wiper blades are fully replaceable, so you are covered when then begin to show signs of wear. The 12V motor is fully self-contained and installation is super easy using the supplied hardware and instructions.

What kind of wiper blade do I need for my UTV?

This 12” wiper blade with a 90-degree wiper action self-parks at the clockwise position and keeps your windshield clear of unexpected rain drops. Now your UTV is ready to go mudding or trailblazing even in the most torrential downpours.

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